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Dear applicants, we congratulate all those who are selected to join various undergraduate programmes in this first round of selection. It is important to note that those who have multiple selections (that is, they have been selected in more than one University) they have to confirm to only one University. In order to confirm to Mzumbe University, please log in here and enter the secret CODE that was sent to your phone number that you used when applying to Mzumbe University, in the text box provided and click confirm.

Those who are not selected in the first round, please log in here and you will find the reasons as to why you are not selected. Please use the correct username a nd password as you entered when you were creating your account. First round selection was based on ranking of academic performance according to the three choices you made and the capacity of the programme (total number of the students in the particular programme). Ina that case, you can now log into your accounts and select same/new programmes depending on whether those programmes still have vacancies for selection. If you see any programme available for selection, then you can select it depending on your qualifications. Please read carefully minimum qualifications before you select programmes.

Those who did not meet minimum qualifications or they did not follow proper procedures during the first round of application, they are required to log into their respective accounts and re-start again their applications. You may change level from Bachelor to Diploma or from Diploma to Certificate depending on your academic qualifications. This will require you to pay once again application fee..

The admissions office, Mzumbe University is ready to respond to your inquiries just in case you have any issue to inquire from us. Call our mobile phone numbers that are shown at

Admission letters and joining instructions will be sent to selected candidates through their accounts that were created during application. See below the list of selected candidates (Bachelor, Diploma, Certificate programmes) who applied in our online application.

You are welcome to Mzumbe University.

These are initial rounds of selections. Other selected candidates for all Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor Degree programmes will be published in other coming rounds.

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Bachelor applicants with multiple selection, please enter your first seating form four index number in the text box below, click "SEARCH SELECTION" to continue with confirmation process.